Spring and a new porch

We don’t know about you, but we here at Porch Builders are extremely excited for this nice weather! So as our work continues through the winter, the season is here for us to get outside and fix more porches. And no one is happier than us to do it in this nice weather.

It is also the time of season which our call volume kicks in. With snow melted,  it’s now evident what damage is done to your porch.

Whether you have a porch made of wood, steel or even plastic,  we can help with code violations, damage or complete rebuilding.

Give us a call today! If you are located anywhere in the Chicago area we can come out and give you a quote right away so you know the options and features of a new porch.

May is National Deck Safety Month

According to the North American Deck and Railing Association, there’s been an increase in the number of decks that have collapsed, fallen apart, or otherwise failed. So now is the time to really have your deck inspected just in time for all of the warm weather gatherings. Make this an annual inspection especially in cold weather climates such as Chicago where the elements tend give more wear and tear.

Here are some of the things to consider:

  • Material – check for splitting or rotting wood. Check for holes that insects or animals could have made.
  • Check the gap between the house and the ledger board and make sure it isn’t shifting.
  • Check the flashing behind the ledger board and make sure it hasn’t shifted or is rotten.
  • Make sure all railings are tight and not loose.
  • Check all support posts and make sure they are in alignment.
  • Make sure you deck is sealed correctly to prevent wood from warping.

Making sure you deck has all of these checks and balances can save you from injury and also save you money in the future. Hiring the right deck builders is very important and we at porch-bbuilders will guide you through the complete process. We do all the work and never hire contractors, so you get hands-on experience. Call on the experts Porch-builders. We can give you recommendations and advice on any concerns you have with your current deck or building a new one. Give us a call today, 773-251-9879 or visit us on the Web, www.porch-builders.com for more detailed information on deck and deck building!