One company, less stress

Are you confused with all the choices when planning your deck or porch? There are many types of wood, composite, steel and concrete.  Even concrete has many options! Trying to figure out what works for your needs can be an exhaustive decision.

There are many things to consider outside of the building details as well. Including your city’s codes, regulations and building permits. You may have a thousand options running through your head and you do not know where to start.

Let Porch Builders be your help! We can answer and guide you along the way. We can work with you to have the porch of your dreams. Porch Builders is one company that can do it all from beginning to end and will directly work with the city to handle the codes and regulations that it takes when building your porch or deck.

In the meantime, here’s an article that may help you decide on the materials of your deck project. ¬†Happy planning and give us a call today at 773-251-9879.